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Building Permit Application

All building and development permits can be obtained at the Town Office. 

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**NEW** Building Permit Application- Commercial

**NEW** Building Permit Application - Residential


Instruction for completion of the application for a development/building permit 

  1. The application number will be assigned by the Town Office.
  2. If you are applying for a permit for land which you do not own, please provide the name of the registered owner.
  3. Nature of work. Fully describe what you propose to do and include two (2) sets of plans that must include a site plan, floor plan, engineer stamped foundation plan for houses/cottages and additions to a house/cottage, engineer stamped truss design (where required), and detailed cross section. The minimum area of a single-dwelling home is 1000 square feet for R1 divison or a total of 1001 square feet for R2 divison. Applications for a permit to move an existing building, except a new RTM, on to the lot(s) or parcel(s) must include an inspection report completed by the Municipality's Building Inspector. If your development includes any excavations, fills, land leveling, clearing, or removal of natural vegetation please provide complete details, drawings or diagrams are very helpful and may be required in some cases.
  4. Site Plan. You must include a site plan containing the following information:
    1. North directional arrow;
    2. The scale to which it is drawn;
    3. The dimensions and lot lines of the lot(s) or Parcel(s);
    4. The dimensions and location of all existing and proposed buildings. Be sure to show distance from the property lines to any building. Each zone has a minimum front yard, side yard, and back yard set. Please consult the Town Office to get these set backs. 
    5. The proposed development should be identified (i.e. outline it in red);
    6. Topographical features (i.e. watercourses, drainage ditches, etc.);
    7. Location of streets, lanes, power, gas or telephone lines, etc.
    8. Size and location of any easements or right-of-ways, if any;
    9. Adjoining land uses.
    10. Property Address.
  5. Subscribed zone of the lot (i.e. commercial, residential lot, etc.)
  6. Type of sewage disposal system. Please note the system installed must conform to the regulations of the Department of Health and applicable bylaw of the municipality.
  7. Building Permits Are Required:
    1. To erect a new building or structure, including garages and decks.
    2. To demolish, repair, alter, add to or move an existing building or structure.
    3. For repairs which change or affect the structural nature of a building or structure.
  8. Building Permits Are Not Required For:
    1. Fences, sidewalks, planters and driveways.
    2. Painting, decorating and laying flooring.
    3. Repairs using similar or same materials for the purpose of maintenance.
    4. Accessory buildings (garden sheds, etc.) not greater than 9 sq. m. or 100 sq. ft. in area.
  9. Information to be Provided on Plans:
    1. Plan of each floor or building showing the proposed use of each room.
    2. Elevations of the building. A land survey must be done to prove the elivation meets the minimum requirements in the prescribed zone. 
    3. Cross section showing construction of walls, roof and floor, including insulation.
  10. Be sure to sign the application. An unsigned application will be returned.
  11. PLEASE NOTE: it is your responsibility to ensure that the development of your property does not alter existing drainage or adversely affect adjacent properties in anyway.

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