Municipal Services

Garbage Bylaw

Effective October 4, 2010

Starting October 4, 2010 The Town Of Fort Qu'Appelle Will Be Implementing the New Garbage Bylaw.

Each household may have two 25 gallon standard rodent proof and water proof garbage containers or the equivalent at the discretion of the Town. The garbage containers must be equipt with two handles and a lid. 

This is for household waste only.

If your household has amounts that exceed the Bylaw, arrangements with the Town may be made at an extra cost.

Any exception to the Bylaw will need approval from the Town Council.

Letters will be sent to home owners not in compliance with the Bylaw and fines may be imposed.

It is the property owner's or tenant's responsibility to ensure garbage stand and area is kept in a neat and rodent free manner.

Lawn and garden debris - The Town will pick up lawn and garden debris that is in biodegradable bags. Tree branches and hedge clippings will be picked up as long as they are tied in bundles and no longer than 36 inches. These pickups will be at separate times throughout the year.

Lawn and garden debris will be picked up during the week of October 12th. Future pickups will be scheduled as needed. Watch the local newspaper for dates.

This applies to Town of Fort Qu'Appelle Residents only.