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Tips from Sask Power: Chimney Check

  • Go outside and look up at your chimney. Make sure it is clear of any ice or snow that may be blocking it.
  • From inside your home, check the flue or metal liner of your chimney. Holding a mirror (and a flashlight as necessary) inside the access panel will give you a clear view. You should be able to see a circle of light, indicating that there is no build0up of debris or damage of any kind inside your chimney.
  • Not all chimneys are alike, so it's a good idea to ask a licensed gas contractor to show you how to give it a thorough check the first time you do this.
  • In addition to checking your chimney inside and outside once a month, have a licensed gas contractor inspect your chimney and gas appliances once a year. Their numbers are listed in the Yellow Pages under Heating Contractors.
  • Remember, CARBON MONOXIDE gas is an odourless, colourless, tasteless gas that can be extremely dangerous.