Municipal Services

Garbage Collection Policy

All households are required to keep trash in a garbage receptacle that follows the below guidelines:  

  • Each household is allowed a maximum of two 25 gallon containers 
  • The receptacle(s) must be kept fly-proof, rodent-proof, and water-proof 
  • The container(s) must be equipt with two handles and a lid 
  • The container's contents can not exceed 50 pounds
  • The receptacle(s) must be kept in a place that is convenient for removal by authorized person 
  • All containers must be kept clean and orderly 

All households within town limits must follow the above guidlines set out in Bylaw 458. Failure to do so may result in a $100.00 violation charge per week, until the guidelines are followed. 

Garbage Collection Routes: 

If you are unaware of your garbage collection day, please contact the Town Office at 306-332-5266

Collection of Branches and Yard Clippings: 

The Town of Fort Qu'Appelle offers two days a year for pick-up of bagged tree branches and yard clippings. These dates will be advertised in the local paper, The Fort Times. With the exception of those two days, the household is responsible for the disposal of all tree branches and yard clippings.