Frequently Asked Questions:                                          

  1. What are the Administration Office hours?

    Town of Fort Qu’Appelle Office Hours:

    Monday to Friday

    8:00 am to 4:00 pm

  2. What are the Landfill hours?

    Please remember that the landfill is operated by North Valley Waste Management Authority Inc. Their operating hours:

    May 1 to October 31  Monday - Saturday, 8am- 5 pm and  Sundays from 10 am-4 pm.

    November 1-April 30 Monday-Friday from 9 am—5 pm and Saturday 9:00 am to 1:00 pm.

                    Closed Statutory Holidays including Easter Monday and Boxing Day

  3. My recycling did not get picked up, who do I call?

    You can contact Emterra @ 306-775-9999; give them your civic address so they can ensure it will be picked up next month. If you are unable to contact them for some reason, our office staff will call on your behalf. For recycling pick-up routes and days, please contact our office for a schedule.

  4. I just moved to town, where do I get a green recycling bin? What items may I put in recycling?

    The town will provide you with a recycling bin if you do not already have one, however please note the bin must stay with the property! These bins are not for you to take when you move. For a list of items you may send to recycling, please contact Emterra, or see the list on our website under landfill and garbage.

  5. My garbage did not get picked up on my regular garbage day, how do I make sure it does get picked up?

    Your garbage MUST be out for collection by 7:00 a.m for pickup, otherwise you are at risk of having to wait till your next garbage day. If it was an error on the town’s part, we will make every effort to do a special pick up the next day. Please be advised that your garbage will not be picked up if it is not bagged properly or is not regular household garbage! Construction waste, household furniture, appliances, and cardboard boxes are not part of household garbage! Please be considerate when putting your trash out for collection. 

  6. I just moved to town, when is my scheduled pick up day for garbage; how often do you pick it up?

    Please see our color coded garbage route at the following link. It can also be found on our website under municipal services > landfill and garbage. We pick up garbage once per week. If you have questions about items that are acceptable at the landfill, please contact North Valley Waste Management at 306-331-8016.

  7. I have an event taking place in Fort Qu’Appelle, may I advertise it on www.fortquappelle.com?

    Yes, please send your event information to forttown@sasktel.net, we will add it to our calendar of events. If you have a poster, please send it in jpeg format if possible.

  8. I am expecting a payment from the Town for good or services, when will a cheque be issued?

    Your invoice(s) need to be received in our office at least one (1) week prior to the next Council meeting. All our invoices need to be approved by Council prior to any cheques being mailed from our office. Upon approval, your cheque will be mailed the day after Council Meeting. To see the dates of upcoming Council Meetings, please visit our website calendar of upcoming events.

  9. I would like to rent The Fort building or the Rexentre for a family event or trade show, who do I contact and how much does it cost?

    You may contact our Parks & Rec Department @ 306-332-4614 for reservations and pricing. You can also see a comprehensive list of prices on our website under the Parks & Recreation tab.

  10. What types of construction require a building permit?

    You will need a building permit for any structural renovations, sheds over 100 sq. ft, new construction, and basements. Building permit applications can also be found on our website or picked up at the Town Office.

    We will also require a Development Permit prior to any basements being dug or any construction taking place.

  11. I am building a new house, can you tell me what the required set-backs for the locations I want to build in?

    Yes, we can give you this information according to our zoning by-laws, however for the sake of time and for your convenience our complete zoning by-law and zoning map can be found on our website, www.fortquappelle.com . These are the direct links:

    http://www.fortquappelle.com/public/Files/ZoningBylaw.pdf  (by-laws)

    http://www.fortquappelle.com/public/images/Zoning_Map.pdf (map)

  12. I need my building permit as soon as possible, how long will it take after I have submitted it to the Town office?

    All our building permit applications are sent to Professional Building Inspectors (PBI) for approval within a few days of receiving them. We will contact you when we receive the permit back from PBI. We will require full payment for your permit prior to sending it to you. The fees are also determined by PBI and we will invoice you accordingly. PBI will notify you when you need your first inspections.

  13. How does the town handle by-law violations such as excessive noise due to barking dogs or unsightly properties due to overgrown grass, weeds, or garbage?

    If you have a complaint about a by-law violation, we ask that you give us written documentation of the nature of your concern. You can stop by the town office located at 136 Boundary Ave N and speak to the staff in person; we will assist you in documenting your concern. You may also send us your “written” concern via email to forttown@sasktel.net  your name will be held in confidence unless it escalates to a court proceedings where you may be asked to testify. The town addresses by-law violations by sending our by-law officer to issue a written warning or fine. In some situations we also send registered letters to the property owner depending on the nature of the violation. In every situation it is our goal to remain fair and objective with everyone while ensuring the laws within the Town are upheld.

  14. I am new to town, how do I set up utility services with the town?

    We will require you to fill out an application for new utility services and put down a $238.60 deposit as well as a $20.00 connection fee prior to any services being turned on at your place of residence. You can find the forms on our website under forms & applications, or stop by the town office and we will be happy to help you. If you choose to print off the form from our website, please fill it out and email it to forttown@sasktel.net . We also accept e-transfers as method of payment for the deposit and connection fee. You may email that to forttown@sasktel.net. Please ensure you specify what the e-transfer is for, including the address you need utility services for! Please also provide us with the answer to your security question in a separate email.

  15. If you no longer require utility services, you must inform our office immediately so we can calculate your final bill and close your account. If you fail to inform us, you WILL BE HELD RESPONSIBLE for ongoing charges.

  16. How often do you send out utility bills?

    We send out utility bills quarterly; January, April, July and October. Your bill will be mailed during the first week of these months and will be due by the 30th of the same month. We charge a 2 % penalty on any outstanding amount after the 30th of these months. The minimum residential & commercial billing is $260.60 per quarter. This gives you up to 6,000 gallons of water usage, the sewer and waste water charges are flat rates.

  17. I find it more convenient to pay my utility or tax bills online. Is the Town of Fort Qu’Appelle set up as a payee with various financial institutions?

    Yes, you can pay your bills online. Simply search Town of Fort Qu’Appelle and use the account number noted on you utility bill or tax notice. If you have any trouble setting the bill up, try putting zeros in front of or behind your account number. If you are unsure of your account number, please contact our office.

  18. Do you accept Visa or MasterCard as method of payment?

    Unfortunately, we are not set up to accept major credit cards, however we do accept debit, cash, cheque, or online payments.

  19. When do you send out the annual tax notices? Do you offer a discount?

    We try to have the tax notices out by the middle of June of each year. 2017 is a reassessment year and we anticipate the tax notices will be mailed by the middle of July. We do offer a 5% discount on the municipal portion of your taxes if paid by July 31st.

  20. I have a special request, concern, or statement for Mayor and Council, may I make a presentation directly to Council, or send it to a Council Meeting?

    You are always welcome to make a special presentation to Council. Your request needs to be received by the Administrator on the Friday prior to the next council meeting. In any case your request will be taken to Council.

  21. I have unwanted pests in my yard such as skunks and rats how does the town control it?

    The Town of Fort Qu’Appelle does have a pest control officer to deal with rats however, he is not equipped to handle skunks or porcupines or other large rodents. The town’s Public Works department does have traps available to rent. We require a $60 deposit which will be returned to you when you are finished with the trap and it has been returned to Public Works. If you do catch something with the trap you may contact us for assistance with disposing of the pest.

  22.  I am visiting the Town of Fort QU’Appelle, are there points of interest in Fort Qu’Appelle?

    The Town of Fort Qu’Appelle is rich in historic points of interest. We have several historic sites you may be interested in including the Museum; formerly known as the original Hudson’s Bay Company Trading Post, The Hudson’s Bay Building; formerly the Hudson’s Bay Company General Store, The Fort, St. John’s Anglican Church and several others. You may stop in at the Town Office located at 160 Company Ave S between 8:00 a.m and 4:00 p.m Monday to Friday and pick up a copy of the Fort Qu’Appelle and area Tourist Guide. For more information and possible things to do during your stay, you can always stop in and chat with the lovely folks at The Tourist information centre located along highway 10, by the Boundary Ave turnoff. The Tourist Booth is also a historic point of interest, formerly the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway Station.

    We hope you will take an opportunity to enjoy the beautiful lakes and gorgeous scenery in our area. However long you choose to stay, we hope you felt at home and enjoyed your time in the beautiful Qu’Appelle Valley.

  23. Who do I contact about camping and how do I make a reservation?

    You may contact our Parks & Recreation Office at 306-332-4614 for information and reservations can be done on-line.

  24. I would like to book ice time for a hockey team, who do I contact?

    You may contact our Parks & Recreation Office at 306-332-4614 for information, pricing, and reservations.

  25. I would like to rent a bill board sign along highway #10, who do I contact for pricing and availability?

    The bill board signs are managed by Dennis Regal, please call him @ 306-331-6570

  26. I am interested in being part of the July 1st Parade, how do I get entered for this?

    For more information, please contact the Fort Qu’Appelle and District Lion’s Club @ 306-332-1297

  27. Does the Town of Fort Qu’Appelle have a market in the summer? How do I obtain a table to sell my goods?

    Yes, there is a Farmer’s Market every Saturday from 9:00 a.m to 1:00 p.m during the summer months. For more information, please contact Colleen Miller @ 306-450-2652

  28. I am interested in purchasing a plot in the Lakeview Cemetery, how do I reserve a cemetery plot or columbarium niche? What is the cost associated with purchasing a plot?

    Cemetery plots are $425.00 for residents of Fort Qu'Appelle and $650 for non-residents, to find out what is available for sale, please contact our office. Columbarium niches are $1800.00 and can hold 2 urns.

  29. How much notice does your office require to open a cemetery plot or Columbarium niche?

    We normally ask that you give us as much notice as possible, however a minimum of 2 business days is sufficient. Please be advised that we do charge an open/close fee of $400.00 for a full casket burial and a $250.00 fee for a cremation burial.

  30. I would like information on the Museum, who do I contact?

    Bev Van der Breggen at 306-332-4503 

  31. When is the Museum Open?

    The Museum is open form June 01 – August 31. The hours of operations during the summer are
    June Sunday to Saturday 1 pm to 5 pm
    July and August Suday to Friday 1 pm to 5 pm
    July and August Saturdays 1030 am to 5 pm.
    Those wishing a tour outside the posted hours can phone Bev 306-332-4503, Alan 1-514-623-2446, Anne 306-332-6320 or Dale 306-612-4178.
    While we may not always be able to accommodate your request, we will certainly do our best.

  32. Who is responsible for the sign corridor?

    Jim Chaplin. He can be contacted at 306-332-3955

  33. Does the town still sell compost containers?

    Yes, the compost containers can be purchased at the Town Office for $35.00.  We will then arrange a time to for pick up at the Town Maintenance shop

  34. My sewer line is causing me issues, does the Town rotor router for ratepayers?

    No, the town does not rotor router, you will have to hire a plumber. We do supply a chemical to pour in you lines afterwards.

  35. I am purchasing an unserviced lot, who is responsible for servicing the lot?

    The Town supplies the material, homeowner is responsible for installation of the lines.

  36. If I notice a street light is out who do I contact?

Sask Power has an online reporting system for a street light that is out. If you see that a street light is out please go to http://wwwsaskpower.com/accounts-and-services/servicerequests/report-streetlight-troubles/ and follow their easy to use map tool. Once you have reported this outage, you will receive a reference number.  Please make note of the number. If the street light is not repaired within 2 weeks, please phone the Sask Power service desk, supply your reference number an they should advise you when you may expect to the lamp repaired. You can also call it in at (306) 310-2220.